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Enterprise introduction Corporate Culture Company News Honor
Corporate Culture
Business Purpose
Establishing perfect  production base of  Casting Auxiliary Materials.To create value and convenience for customers.
Business Positioning
To be an international well-known supplier of foundry materials;
Corporate Spirit
To make a product is to be a character. Be an honest person and do practical work .
Corporate Style
Be truthful in speech and firm in action, highly effective in wo
Employment Ideality
Establishing perfect  production base of  Casting Auxiliary Materials.To create value and convenience for customers.
Core Values
Innovation-based, customer-first, employee-oriented.
Code of Conduct
Begin with the end, self-criticism; First thing first, seize the core; win-win thinking, benefit other people as well as oneselfExchange and communication, unity and cooperation; constant innovation, continuous improvement; observing serve law and discipline, maintaining confidentiality
Quality Concep
All for reliability, stability and consistency of quality
Marketing Service Concept
Precision marketing, professional service



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